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Fred B. Amos II aka Tuey (pronounced two-E)

First, please don’t call me Fred.  My father is Fred.  I’m Tuey.  I earned a Bachelor of Rhymes from Wesleyan Children’s Center (now Wesleyan Academy) in High Point, and my diploma states my name is Tuey Amos, so that must be what it is.  I’m a lawyer, but you already know that.

My superpower is facial recognition.  According to some tests I qualify as a super-recognizer.  I’ll forget a name in a heartbeat, but I never forget a face.  My favorite things are chocolate and coffee.  I like to ingest both in copious amounts. 

My hobbies are birding, reading and tinkering.  I like to walk around in the woods looking and listening for birds.  I like to read murder mysteries, especially those set in the Victorian era.  And I find any project involving power tools particularly enjoyable.  I also like tinkering with my 1972 Ford F100 pickup truck.

I am a dog person.  After all, I met my beautiful wife while we were each walking our dogs in downtown Raleigh.  So, a big thank you to my dachshund Argus.  You were the best wing-dog ever my friend.  I am forever grateful.

Thanks to my amazing wife, I have three beautiful children that I adore.  I think they like me too, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.



Born in High Point, NC, Tuey has been a Raleigh resident since moving to Raleigh to attend N.C. State University in 1988.  After earning his undergraduate degree from N.C. State, Tuey went on to earn his JD and an MBA from Campbell University.


After graduation, Tuey joined the law firm of Warren, Perry & Anthony, PLLC in Wake Forest, NC.  After four years with the firm, Tuey started his own law practice in Wake Forest under the name Fred B. Amos II, PA.  In 2004 Tuey partnered with attorney John Rich to form the law firm of Amos & Rich, Attorneys, PA.  In 2006, after the loss of his mother to pancreatic cancer, Tuey moved himself and his law practice to Downtown Raleigh where he met his beautiful wife Leslie, a 2011 graduate of N.C. Central School of Law.  Together Tuey and Leslie formed the firm of Amos & Amos, Attorneys at Law, PA.

Leslie now works for a pharmaceutical company and remains "Of Counsel" with the firm.


Boring Stuff


Bachelor of Rhymes – Wesleyan Academy

B.A. Political Science – North Carolina State University

Master of Business Administration – Campbell University

Juris Doctorate – Campbell University


Professional Associations:

North Carolina Bar Association – Family Law Section  

Bench/Bar Liaison Committee of the NCBA

Wake County Bar Association

Tenth Judicial District Bar

Past Board Member Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood

Swimming Pool
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